category structureI took some time over the last few days to reshuffle/restructure some of the tags and categories on this site.  I’ve been doing more product reviews lately, and those have found themselves in a very generic category, while they are precise in nature. I hope this new structure will help my readers get the information that they want.

Posts about men’s grooming topics, including but not limited to product reviews now have their own category called, you guessed it “Grooming”.  If this is the only subject you are interested in, you can now filter out the rest.

For the technologically inclined of you that only want my take on the technology aspects, there is a category ( including a couple sub-categories ) for you “Technology” and that covers “Gadgets” and “Programming” ( for now )

For those who just want to hear me venting, I tend to tag my rants under the “Rant” category, but the rants sometimes are specific to something and thus will appear in the Rant category and whatever I am ranting about.

sorry if this changes things for you somewhat, but I’ve been wanting to do this for a little bit to make things clearer.