Being Canadian, I have no senator, governor or anyone else to write to about stopping PIPA/SOPA.  All I have is my lonely blog and my free speech, so this is me showing my support.  SOPA/PIPA can and most likely mean the end for several of the “open” communities that we use around the web, including reddit.  What could be harmful about reddit you ask, it would appear the US government has issue with us the people having control over what is put up on the internet.  This is typical to what the US government believes, that they should control everything, and what they can’t control, they make illegal.

The internet is all about collaboration and sharing of information.  If we aren’t allowed to do that, they we are no better than the censoring countries that we have been condemning.  Please take a few moments and read the post that is linked below to get a little more information about what is going on, and show your support in any way possible.  If you are American, write to whoever you can write to, if you are not, show your support for those opposing this crime against progress.

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