A couple days ago, I came across a blog entry that talked about building your A Team. An A Team is, for me, a list of individuals that you can feel comfortable surrounding yourself with, and that things will get done, well. These are usually people you’ve worked with before, and they are the people you would instantly try to build a new team with given the opportunity.  They are the people that you may not be able to hire right away, but they are worth waiting for if you know a position would open up.

I felt like I wanted to expand on this. The people on YOUR A Team are not necessarily the “smartest person”, the “best developer”, etc, they can be, but it isn’t a requirement.  They are the people that no matter what the project, you can count on them to help get you out of it. They are the people that you don’t need to worry whether things are getting done, you can just have faith that it is being done.  These are the individuals that no matter how bad the situation, will keep everyone going, by the simple knowledge that we will get through it successfully, with a smile on your face.

So I figured I would take his challenge, do I have my A Team, I can’t say I have the full team together, but I do have some of the key components, people that know they art/trade and know how to adapt it to any environments.

I’ve also come to realize that I am on at least a couple people’s A Team, based on previous experience.

Do you have your A Team? And does it ever change?