Words of wisdom

I was lucky enough to have a wise uncle who taught me a whole bunch of interesting and useful things, ranging from picking up women to choosing what’s important to you, and giving those things the attention and effort they require. Perhaps some of those things will appear as entries at a later time.

One of the most important words of wisdom I learned from such a great man, is that there are 3 things in life, you should always spend good money on, they are the 3 things between you and the ground, and they will have a major impact on the quality of your life, if not the longevity of your life.

The 3 things are here, in no particular order.


Mattress image from wikihow

He told me, that spending the money on a good quality mattress is always a good idea, as a good night sleep is important for your health.  You can have things that will prevent you from having a good night sleep when you have a good mattress, but you will rarely have a good night sleep on a cheap mattress.  Cheap mattresses will cause back pain, neck pain, restlessness.  All these factors lead to fatigue, exhaustion, which contribute to health problems.


worn out shoes

Spend the money on your shoes, you spend most of the day walking on them.  Poor quality shoes lead to knee pain, back pain, and again, this leads to lessened quality of life.


car in ditch in winter accident
Winter accident

This is the section that got me thinking about this important life lesson.  It is winter now (well maybe not based on the calendar, but based on the 45 cm of snow we have received in the last week, its good enough for my use of the term ) in my neck of the woods, and unfortunately yesterday we had car problems.  The engine wouldn’t start and had to have it towed.  The dealership has provided us with a courtesy car.  This is where this 3rd and possibly most important area for spending is noticeable.  I spend the money on my winter tires, considering driving in Canada in the winter can be a very pleasurable experience, provided you have experience and the right tires.  I have noticed since driving this courtesy car, that it slides a lot more than I am used too, and not in the intentional drifting sense of the word.  I then looked at the tires, and they are at the lowest end of the price spectrum for winter tires.  Quality tires will keep you on the road more often than the type of car you drive.