For the first time in my career ( about 12 years ), I have found myself unemployed.  It wasn’t a matter of poor performance, bad management, conflicts at work. The company behind mine ( the money guy as they say ) decided that it was no longer a viable option to have a montreal office open.

A little context for the situation,  I worked for a startup initiative, funded by a large French/American company.  They had decided to launch a company based in Montreal, and run it like a startup,  unfortunately, generating critical mass took longer than expected.  On top of that, the work being done didn’t qualify for the SRED credits available in Montreal, so the interest in having another office open in another country wasn’t as appealing as it once was.  Based on that decision, the company laid off the entire montreal staff, about 12 people.

As for me, well i’m back to looking for a job.  This is a relatively new concept for me, as I haven’t really “looked” for a job in a couple years, people have always come looking for me through contacts.  I actually had to update ( from 2006 ) my resume, and I discovered, it isn’t a very pleasant way to try and sell yourself.  Hence the revival of my blog.  I’ve had a couple of the years, and i think i’m actually going to try and keep this one going.

stay tuned for updates