A tribute to Steve Jobs using Apple's Logo

A tribute to Steve Jobs using Apple's Logo

To those of you who know me well, you will probably be surprised by this post, but some things transcend preference, and affect us all.

I am not a big fan of most Apple products, and have had questionable doubt about Apple’s practices in the past ( and even some of the more recent ones ), but this post isn’t about my preference for Apple products.

Steve Jobs, was solely responsible for Saving Apple, twice.  I don’t mean he built the products himself, wrote the code himself, etc.  I mean that on two separate occasions he came back to Apple when it needed him most, whether Apple or Jobs knew it or not.  He brought inspiration, dedication and ideas the world had never seen, or have even imagined.  He came in, surrounded himself ( from top to bottom ) with the kind of people that he needed to see his ideas through.  He managed to weed out those he thought harmful to the vision and helped mentor and cultivate the ones that would help.

Could you imagine the type of discussion when he first brought up the iPad, “Yeah, laptops don’t quite do it for me in the media consuming industry, how about just the screen part.  On and yeah, it’s about 100 times too thick/heavy/big to carry around.”

I’m not here to say the IPad is the best tablet around, we each have our own opinions and preferences, but Steve is credited ( and well deserved ) with bringing that type of device to the main stream.  How about the IPod, how many people know about portable media devices ( MP3, not CD ) before the IPod.  He took something that was truly geeky at heart, and made everyone know what it was and want one.

This is the type of man Steve Jobs was to the world, his commencement speech at Standford University.


Steve Jobs was nothing short of genius, and a leader in technology that will truly be missed by all.  Everyone in the technology world uses,  has used and has learned something from Apple.

Rest in Peace Steve.  You will be greatly missed, even by those who didn’t necessarily always agree with you, or your visions.  You still managed to bring us into the future of computing.