Happy New Year, it’s 2016

As I do every year, after doing my year in review I tend to put my goals my goals and objectives for the coming year, so 2016 should not be an exception.  I do this for multiple reasons, to take a few moments and think through what I would like to achieve, complete or begin in the coming year.  It also forces me to to put down some concrete objectives, and make a plan to go through with it.


I have a few goals for my professional career for 2016, both for the company I work for, as well as my start-up initiative Bushido Dojo Software.

My goals for 2016, for my current job, including instituting some new practices; help put in place some new training and knowledge sharing practices to bring some new ideas and solutions to a strong and competent team, that just hasn’t yet been exposed to them.

For my startup, my goals are slightly more lofty and begin with signing ten more clients, an aggressive, yet possible achievement.  Each client signed, brings me one step closer to having an independent salary coming into the house, and allowing my wife a little more flexibility to choose her contracts for work in the coming years.  It also allows her to have a flexible schedule to help take care of the kids weekday activities.


Over the past couple years, I have done something that most people find extremely harsh and unthinkable, which is to cut out the drama, and a good portion of my family from my daily life.  Most people can’t fathom someone cutting family out of their lives, but to me, it was the best decision I ever made.

My goals for this year, are to continue spending quality time with my family.  To do better at seeing and spending time with the family that I have left, and to be honest, in my case, family doesn’t usually mean blood relatives, it’s the people who are there through thick and thin, no matter what.  Though that is vague, concretely, I would like to see those I consider family more often, including my favorite uncle, more than twice this year.


It is also important to take care of yourself, and 2016 is one in which I sincerely intend on spending the time on myself.


I have, to be honest, not done the best job of taking care of my health over the past couple years.  I have prioritized family, kids, work and some projects that have come up over the years.  My goals and objectives for this year are simple, do more, eat less.  I am not the dieting type, but there are things that I can simply do, that will make a big difference.  My goals are to eat less often at the restaurant, smaller portions at home.

My second goal, is to be more active.  I don’t do well with gyms, though have no problem with physical activity.  So this year, my goal is some daily exercise, be it plank, push-ups etc.  Over the course of the year, to build up that amount increasingly.  After all, our children learn how to live from us, and showing them that we take care of ourselves, teaches them to do so as well.


I would like to spend some time in the coming months to dedicate to spending time with my hobbies, be it writing, or working with leather. I would like to build my own notebook cover like these before the end of the year.

I would also like to continue with my writing, and hopefully be more responsive to my penpal.