Last night was my first night in New York City, well since the last time I was here 6 years ago.  One thing that i had forgotten ( or maybe suppressed ) was the noise at night.  By choice, I bought my house in the suburbs of Montreal.  Close enough for travelling to and from work, but also far enough that at night, its quiet.  If/when i get up during the night, the only noises i hear, at my family breathing ( yes i have sensitive ears ), the air systems gentle hum, and maybe the dog shifting in his sleep ( he’s a big dog ).  This is the norm for me, quiet, peaceful, it’s what i was looking for when i bought my house, it’s what i enjoy.  I can’t say my area is busy normally, its a residential area.  I’m about 100 meters from one of the main arteries, but once business hours stop, so does most of the traffic ( at least the big trucks. ).  By 8 or 9 pm, there are still noises, but mostly engines, no honking, no police cars, no ambulances or fire engines, just some cars driving around.

So here i am last night, trying to sleep, unsuccessfully, with all the cars, the honking, the police cars, ambulances, etc.  Especially the garbage trucks at 2am.  Seriously, what’s the deal.  Here is to hoping that i get a good nights sleep tonight.  Now i know my tolerances for lack of sleep ( 3 hours a night for 9 days before i collapse, remember i have 3 young children ), but i am much more alert if i get my usual 6-8 hours.

Here’s to hoping sleep finds me easier tonight.