For those of you that are here regularly, you’ve probably noticed that i haven’t written much in the last couple of week, I’ve kinda been busy with other things.  I’ve got another post in the works ( describing the situation ) but i first wanted to write about my new job, and the reasons i left the last one. 

For the last year ( almost to the day ) I’ve been doing contract work, 6 months with a previous employer, 5 months with as a warm body for a big financial institution.  I say this, “warm body” because i really did not do much.  I was hired to help build and lead a new team they were building in Montreal, but with budget cuts and layoffs that happened late in 2011, there was no budget to hire for the Montreal team, and being dumped in the middle of a team, that’s in maintenance mode, there isn’t much that i could contribute, other than as a sounding board for problems they were having.  My boss, had plans for me, to which sounded great, and interesting, but he was having his own issues, getting budget, and problems on the other team he managed.  I respect the guy, and like him, he was just in a bad position that wasn’t only not helping me and my career, but actually harming it.  However, this isn’t the main reason i decided to leave, i left for family reasons, which i will post soon (previously mentioned post).

This post is about the new job.   I won’t mention the name here, at least not yet.  I took this new job, that came with a pay cut, but the atmosphere, and the opportunities are pretty amazing.  I am managing about a dozen resources ( .NET, PHP, and a lonely Java dev ), the other half of my role is a solutions architect.  The company is a tech company that supports a Montreal based ad agency.  Most people in the field will figure it out from there.

So far there are a couple good points, 1) i know someone who has been there for 7 years, the guy is a good friend, and has nothing but great things to say about the place. 2) my ninja just got hired.  I’ll explain what i mean by ninja, but this to say, a guy i helped train, that’s worked for me for a couple years, starts Monday morning.

I look forward to the challenges, and the atmosphere that this company offers.  The work load isn’t going to be easy, but at least the challenges are the technology, and not the management.