I started writing this post a while back, and due to time constraints, it got put on hold for a while.  This is a topic that I have been relatively vocal about in my surroundings, and finally decided to put it down on (virtual) paper.

When going out to a restaurant, you look for a couple things; food, service, ambiance, etc.  Based on the restaurants, you set the proverbial “bar” at different points for each type of restaurant.  You wouldn’t expect very personalized service from a busy fast food chain, and you would expect food to taste good if you are at an upscale restaurant.

The topic of this post originated from my first visit to a restaurant on the south shore of Montreal, called Zibo’s.  Overall, the restaurant has good food, excellent service (most days, waiters have their off-days as well as anyone ), but what surprised me the most on my first visit was the this paper napkins they offer clients.  Your utensils are laid on the table wrapped in a cheap napkin, tied together a Zibo branded sticker.

This might just be me, but when going to a restaurant in this “price range”, I expect a certain attention to detail; and the cheap paper napkins seem like an important detail in the experience.

If I compare for a moment, to a restaurant in the same price range, and ambiance, Baton Rouge, It just seems that more attention to detail was spent on the whole of the experience. From the after diner mints, to napkins, etc.

this is just the rant of some guy who likes his food.