My Goals for 2015

Happy new year everyone, may 2015 bring you joy, happiness, health, love and success.  I choose the word success as opposed to prosperity, because success implies having a goal, and working to achieve it, where as prosperity can just happen for a lucky few.

As most do, I spent some time reflecting on 2014 yesterday, and realized I had a pretty good year, nothing to truly complain about, but it also had some shortcomings.  Stuff that I don’t feel like I achieved, yet were well within the realm of possibilities.

This year, my resolutions, will all have something in common, an accountability factor.  If I don’t achieve my goals, it will be because I didn’t work hard enough on them, or I didn’t make time for them.  Nothing is out of reach, nothing is impossible, and the important one, nothing relies on anything but me and my effort towards them.

The Goals

 Better Eating habits

For me, better eating is mostly about reducing the binge eating that occasionally occurs.  For the most part, I consider my eating habits pretty decent, not great, but decent.  My objective is not to cut out things completely, but in fact introduce them more frequently, but in much smaller portions.  I don’t have an especially big “sweet tooth”, but when i have a craving, I tend to go overboard, same with junk food.  I think if I can manage smaller, more frequent doses, it will go a long way into reducing the overall consumption, and help me manage it better.

More regular exercise

Body Weight Workout diagram
Body weight Workouts

My goal is not to become beach buff or anything like that, or even to shed a ton of weight.  It’s just to have a more regular workout routine that works for me, within my daily obligations, and especially around the various kids activity schedule.

All these exercises are simple, and require only your body weight and things I already have around the house ( for the most part ).  My resolution is to start small, and add as i feel progress.

After realizing that a gym membership doesn’t work for me, I need to find things that do work, and I believe that in small increments this can.

Set an accountability factor for each goal

This is my biggest resolution, and in fact, it isn’t even a resolution, but a side effect, or perhaps more of a contract I am binding myself to.  I have a habit of “good enough” for a lot of things.  I set myself a goal, and get just enough to lose interest, and never fully complete it, this can be with home renovations, projects, or anything.  My resolution for 2015, is that before I embark on something, is to set the “definition of success” ( a wonderful term I use everyday in my professional career of software development ).  All that means, is that before I start something, I set the objective, and am not allowed to stop working towards that goal, until I have completed based on my definition.

Now, the important part is that this definition of success needs to be realistic, you can’t make something so far fetched that it isn’t attainable, but it can be as simple as, I will do push-ups everyday until I can do 100 consecutive pushups, or I will build a fit pit, and the definition of complete, is that I use it once, and it meets all local regulations, or even, I will work on this project, until I have launched it publicly, etc.

Well, that’s it for me.  Good luck with all of you setting resolutions, and I plan to come back here at the end of 2015 and measure how well I did.