This is the first of my product reviews for Real Shaving Company’s product line that was sent to me by their PR division.  One of the very attractive selling points to me is the availability of this product.  It is priced right and locally available to me.  I love shopping online as much as the next guy, but what I don’t like is running out of something, and then having to wait 2 weeks to get a replacement for it, I am after only human, with the attention span of an adult caring for three young boys under 5.

Real Shaving Co Daily Fash Scrub

About the product

It is sold in a lot of the local drug stores in Montreal, in a 125 ml squeeze bottle, for $5.99(CDN).  The ingredient list is not very scary, and on the safer side for your skin.
The product is sold as a daily facial scrub, that will exfoliate your skin at the same time.

First impressions

The product has a nice clean smell to, very earthy.  It is not overly perfumed, or chemical smelling.  The texture in your hands is something similar to mud or very damp sand.  Exactly the type of texture you would expect for something that will exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells.  The sample bottle was a little on the small size to fully give it a complete review so I went out and purchased one to continue the trial.  I have not regretted that decision.

The feeling

The feeling of using this product is really nice. I usually suffer from dry skin around my chin used to get nicks and razor burn around those areas. This product has helped keep my skin fresh and smooth. I would no however advocate using this product daily as it seems to rub my skin a little too raw when i used it on sequential days. I tend to use it on mornings that I am shaving or if i notice some dry skin.

My opinions: the good

I really like this product and will continue to use it. It has by far one of the better additions to my shaving routing. The effect on my skin is quite positive, there are no negative effects that i have found except for the over exfoliation when used on sequential days, but that might just be my skin type. The price is very acceptable to me, and since its easily acceptable I can pick it up at the closest pharmacy.

My opinions : the bad

I noticed that the effect is not as effective when used at the sink vs in the shower. I guess maybe it has to do with my skin already moisturized by the hot water, but overall the effect is far superior in the shower. The other point that i feel the need to mention is that the tube needs a good shake every once in a while, as the water seems to separate from the mixture.


I strongly recommend this product, it works really well, and is worth the money.

For more information I encourage you to look up the Real Shaving Company and their products

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