About 2 weeks ago Real Shaving company ( @realshavingUK @realshavingUS ) sent out a request for bloggers willing to test out and then write about their products.  This seems to be a trending theme  for companies trying to reduce their marketing costs and get their brands known around social media(maybe more on that subject later).

I volunterred since i’ve seen these products around ( they are available at our local version of shopper’s drugmart’s, Pharmaprix ) in Montreal, and i’ve been looking at them for a while wanting to try them, the prices are really attractive. Being locally available means no shipping costs/delays, an always attractive option.

Over the next couple weeks i will be reviewing 4 of their products that make up their 3 step shaving process.  Step 1, Pre Shave ( daily facial scrub, Hot towel mask ), Step 2, The Shave ( shaving cream ), Step 3, Post Shave ( after shave balm ).

Thanks again Alison.

Stay tuned for my reviews