This is a follow up to a post from a couple weeks back regarding a product review for BlueBeard’s Revenge.  We my parcel arrived this week ( thanks to the long delays in the Canadian’s postal system due to the strike and subsequent lockout, topic of a previous post as well ).

So far I have used it twice,  each with a different brush.  The first one was with the Doubloon brush that they so kindly sent to me as well ( thanks again ), the second, my goto brush, a pure badger Vulvix brush.  The reason I wanted to wait for a second shave to do this initial review was the Doubloon brush while providing good lather, it didn’t product as thick as I had expected from other reviewers, and claims online.

Now time for the review ( instead of talking about brushes, and their differences ). I’ll avoid a good part of the science part and direct you to read this about the main active ingredient in BlueBeards revenge shaving cream called Decelerine.  This is the ingredient behind the hair reduction claim.  I haven’t used it long enough to test the claim, but it has gotten some pretty solid reviews.  All that to summarize that decelerine affects the hair growth cycle ( not permanently, but for the duration of application ).

BlueBeards revenge shaving cream The first reaction is the packaging, this cream is beautifully packaged in 100% recyclable material, got to take care of our environment people.  I really like the packaging of their cream, who wouldn’t,  what could be manlier than a skull and crossbones on your tub of shaving cream.  The cream has a nice thick mate pearl look to it and a clean soapy smell to it.  I can’t really describe it better than that (its like trying to describe what Dr Pepper tastes like, you can’t until someone has tried it for themselves ).  I really don’t like a cream that is too perfumed for two reasons, first as my wife is allergic to most perfumes and starts sneezing ( and/or have trouble breathing around them ), and second I really dislike people who walk around with oppressing perfumes, so I try to be considerate and avoid doing that myself.  This cream has a very clean and manly smell to it, that is pleasant without over doing it, +1 for Bluebeards.

Now onto the lathering.  The first attempt was satisfactory ( the one with the Doubloon brush ), meaning it created a nice sufficient lather to get a really nice shave with.   My second attempt with my pure badger brush produced EXCEPTIONAL lather.   The saying goes, the most important part of your shaving equipment is your brush, and it didn’t let me down.  This cream produced excellent lather while using very little of the product.  I can understand how they say it will last quite some time.

The cream in both situations provided very good lubrication and protection during the shave, and the blade just glided across my face without any irritation at all.  On both tries I had enough lather for 3 full passes on very little of the product.

For now, I would say this is an excellent cream, and one of the best shaving creams I’ve ever used.  I look forward to seeing if the claim really does hold truth, or whether someone should be made to “walk the plank”.