Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil
So as some of you know, this year I converted to a more traditional wet shaving routing. This includes using a brush, traditional soaps/cream, a Double-Edge (DE) safety razor, and even a straight razor on occasions. I’ve been meaning to try and use a shaving oil. It is exactly what it sounds like, an oil that you rub onto your beard, and use as a lubricant to shave with.

This is the first shaving oil that I have tried, and to be honest, I can’t say i’m impressed. Now this may have nothing to do with the product and all to do with me not liking shaving oils, but without having anything to compare with(the only one available around here), it happens to reflect against the product for me.

My experience with the shave oil, is that is protected enough when I shaved immediately after stepping out of a steaming shower, but as I usually shave in the evening during the week, I tend to use a hot towel. When doing this, I noticed i needed SIGNIFICANTLY more oil, and it provided less protection while shaving. I noticed more razor burn after using the oil then either soap or cream. I will try it a couple more times, but so far, Shaving Oil isn’t for me.