This is the follow up to the post is wrote about 2 months ago when I first received my tub of bluebeard’s revenge shaving cream. The reason for waiting so long was to give it a proper run through, and to properly test their beard reduction claim. They claim that after prolonged ( 30 to 60 days ) of continuous usage of their Bluebeard’s revenge shaving cream you will see a noticeable reduction in density, coarseness and length of your beard follicles.

I am a every other day shaver, more that I can tolerate it easily for two days and don’t have a clean shaven policy at work, so I decided to give it the full 60 day to try it out. What was nice of the folks at Bluebeards was that they sent a full sized tub for my reviewing purposes, not just a “sampler”. The purpose behind this is so that people reviewing can really put it through the ringer, and have ample time/product to make sure that they are getting the best out of it.

First observation

First let me tell you about Bluebeard’s revenge shaving cream, it is an EXCELLENT cream. The smell is a wonderful clean smell without being overwhelming. The packaging is well done, and whoever did the design really paid attention to the last detail, the stamped lid. The packaging is entirely recyclable, and just screams manly with the embossed skull and cross bones on the lid.

BlueBeards revenge shaving cream

The shaveThe cream offers great skin protection and lubrication for the razor. It just glides over your face without resistance and no irritation. It builds the lather quickly and easily and has a nice thick and creamy feel to it. Using a minimal amount of cream provided enough lather for a full 3 passes with some excess for touchups. This cream offered me a great shave and no razor burn or irritation of any kind. My skin felt nice and smooth, I just wished the smell persisted a little more. I guess I’m going to have to try their aftershave balm if I can manage to get my hands on some.

The claim: reduce your beard using Bluebeards shaving cream

Now, on to the part about the beard reduction. I cannot support the claim about the density of my beard being reduced, but i can 100% support it slowing down the growth and the toughness of my beard follicles. My beards growth after 3 or 4 days wasn’t as thick or as long as it usually is following continued used of this cream. It did not however appear more sparse, I still had the same density of hair, it just seemed to take longer to grow out, and the hair itself seemed thinner and more fragile, leading to the blades slicing through them like air, or a hot knife through butter.

The conclusion

To round out my review of Bluebeards shavin cream, it is a fantastic cream, and strongly recommend to anyone, especially those looking to shave less often. The cream is an excellent shave cream, and will help you reduce your beard. It is an excellent cream and worthy of the claims that the company makes.

I would like to send out my kudos to the guys(and gals) at The Bluebeards revenge, especially to Nick for kindly sending me a tub and the doubloon brush.

My only slight dissappointment is the availability ( or shipping rates ) for getting it in Canada. Although rumor has it, that the Bluebeard’s revenge may have some news to announce in 2012.  Nothing concrete yet, but I will definitely keep an eye out on that one.

For more information about the bluebeards shaving cream or any of their other products head on over to and be sure to follow their updates on twitter @thebluebeards