Or maybe not.

Everyone of us growing up has probably heard the expression, “fighting like cats and dogs”.  Well this comes from the idea that cats can’t get along with dogs, probably due to dogs being more playful than cats.

Mason and Bella

Best of friends

The only comment that I need to say to this, is apparently they didn’t have my dog and cat in mind when they came up with the expression.   My dog is a 6 year old mix of Great Dane, Husky and Bull Mastiff weighing in at 125lbs.  The cat is a couple months old kitten that is some mix, that we have no idea what kind.  We have had the cat for about 6 weeks, and after the first month, this is how you can usually find them.

This goes to show you, you can’t predict who your friends will be.  You might find a friend in the place you least expect.