2015 end of year image
2015 year end review

2015 year end review

It’s that time of year again, well ,I’m a little late doing my annual review, as I was overworked trying to get a few things out of the way before year end, so here it is, my 2015 year end review.

New Job

2015 was an eventful year for me, at least professionally speaking.  I changed jobs at the end of the summer.  There are many reasons why, but the principal reason, there was no longer a work life balance that was maintainable for me.  I prefer not to dwell on it and instead focus on the choices I made, and the changes associated to them.  I joined a Montreal tech firm, that sits halfway between a true “agency” type of job, and a software development shop.  They are a well established company and things are going well.  Some very interesting project, that took up more time than I would have liked at some points, but I am working with a really good team, and I am enjoying once again the work that I am doing.

Another change, is that with that new job, comes the fact that I am no longer working from home, and the effects that come with that.  I am once again commuting to work, I now realize how much I missed working along side other people, and being challenged.  My last job saw me as the only senior technical person in the company, and left me not having anyone to bounce ideas around with.

Bushido Dojo Software

Bushido Dojo Software was an initiative that honestly started back in 2014, though at that time, it was more of an idea and a concept.  In 2015, the idea became a true reality, with the company becoming registered, becoming the recommended solution for all Karate Sunfuki schools in the Montreal/Quebec region.  2015 saw signing 7 new clients, with 2 more planned for January 2016.

This is a side project that I wish I could dedicate more time to improve, but it remains a side project, and an investment in the longer term.


As I previously mentioned, 2015 saw me face some choices about family and the quality time that I want to spend with them.  I can’t even really call it a choice, as to me it was a simple decision that required no choice, family comes first.  I have also decided to take a few steps back when it comes to coaching, I am still involved, just more of a volunteer than an actual coach, because I realized that if I coached one son, I would miss much of the other two’s activities, and that wasn’t fair for anyone, least of all my wife, who ended up playing taxi to them.


2015 saw something new, taking the time and doing things for me.  I have always put my family first, and that isn’t something that is going to change, though in 2015 I worked really hard at trying to find things for me to enjoy.  I have rediscovered some old hobbies, and even started to dabble in new ones.


During the past year, I have rediscovered something that I really enjoy doing, writing.  About anything and everything, though finding the time to do, is still a daily challenge.  I have also rediscovered the joy of writing with a fountain pen.  Speaking as a lefty, writing with a fountain pen, is not the same, and makes the world of difference.  Instead of hand cramps, the sheer gliding of the pen on paper, and the pleasure of seeing ideas come to life as words and sentences, is a satisfying feeling

New hobbies

2015 also saw me wanting to try something new.  To the people that know me best, they know how I feel about working with my hands and the sense of accomplishment I receive after a long day of working with my hands, whether it be construction, landscaping, or just tinkering with something manual, it acts as my stress relief.  I picked up an introductory leather working kit, and look forward to spending more time in 2016, learning and doing.  I already have a few projects picked out that I want to try, just need to sort some priorities first.

All in all, 2015 was a good year to me, I worked hard to get there, and am very thankful for the results.  2016 should prove to be just as interesting, if not slightly more.

All the best to everyone, may 2016 bring you the joy, health and happiness, as well as the success you have worked for.