2014, year in review

Happy New Year everyone. It is again that time of the year, when we look back on our accomplishments, failures, dreams and hopes. site down check Well this is my 2014, year in review.

This time last year, I had a certain set of goals, and things that I hoped to achieve in 2014. I wanted 2014 to be a year that included some firsts, and some changes. If nothing else, 2014 taught me a lot about myself, both good and bad.

First lets recap some of the goals I had set for myself

Goals for 2014

Launch my first mobile app

At the end of 2013, I had begun work on my first mobile app ( personal that is, I’ve done many professionally, but nothing of my own investment.

The idea was to launch a wine cellar management tool.  It’s something that I was looking for and hadn’t found anything that fit my needs, so I had started working on it.  It was actually working pretty well, and I got some decent feedback from the few friends that i had try it out.  However I ran into a few, but significant problems along this journey.  First barcode scanning is something that isn’t easy to do, and is very error prone, especially in low light situations.  The next problem, which was the most significant problem, one I was unable to solve, was how to market it in a way to generate profit.

— Update

At the end of February 2014, I was presented with an opportunity to start a project that had a clearer and more defined path to success.  This project is launched in a private beta ( http://bushidodojosoftware.com ) scope for now, but I am optimistic in reaching a larger audience soon. I have a post about this that I am working on.

Get back into shape

Nearing the end of 2013, I had started attending the gym near my house, in the hopes to get back into shape. ( This is common to make so isn’t worth much more details here).

I’ve learned something this year, something that has taken me a very long time to learn. I love sports, and physical activity, whether it is hiking/walking through the woods, or playing hockey, even just playing with the kids, but i can’t stand the gym.  Too many people, and too many of them just “in the way” ( you know the type, that are just there to socialize ).  I have a busy life, between work and the kids activities, that I can’t spend 4 hours a day there just to get my workout done.  I’ve since found alternatives to keep in shape, and for the most part I am satisfied.  I still need to continue eating better, but we each have our vices in life.

Spend more quality time with my family

This was the important one, I spend as much time as I can with my family, but I had realized that there is a big difference in the type of time you can spend with your loved ones.

This is where I put the most effort, and am happy to say I think I have succeeded.  Our family is stronger now than it has ever been, and a lot of that has to do with the time we have spent together, and the activities we have done together.


I am still with the same company, going on 16 months now, we have had our ups and our downs.  I won’t lie, we have had quite a bit of uncertainty this year, with still quite a bit going into the new year.  I am still coaching, and enjoying it.


This year I have had the privilege to meet some new people this year, both near and abroad.   I have also learned how I react to some new environments, and how to adapt to those.  It has helped me grow quite a bit, and I think i have gained some new skills and abilities to help out with future projects.

I’ve also learned quite a bit while working on my side project mentioned earlier, a platform for managing dojo’s.


This year, there wasn’t very many big things to reflect upon, just a lot of little ones.  I managed to spend more time with my favorite uncle and his family. I have started to try and rebuilt a communication channel with my estranged mother, this won’t be a quick thing, but the intent is there.

On that note, I wish everyone a happy 2015, and may your year be filled with happiness, health and success.