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Well as some of you know I flew into New York city for business this week.  After hearing all the scares, the restrictions, the guidelines and what not to do, what not to say, I can’t say I was concerned, but i would say i “prepared” myself for the whole “song and dance”.  As i’m going through check-in, customs, and so on, it was the anti-climax.  I walk up, am asked to stand on a pad, and told to follow the arrow ( for context, this is a random selection process to see who gets… Read Article →

Last night was my first night in New York City, well since the last time I was here 6 years ago.  One thing that i had forgotten ( or maybe suppressed ) was the noise at night.  By choice, I bought my house in the suburbs of Montreal.  Close enough for travelling to and from work, but also far enough that at night, its quiet.  If/when i get up during the night, the only noises i hear, at my family breathing ( yes i have sensitive ears ), the air systems gentle hum, and maybe… Read Article →

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