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I’ve been in contact recently with BlueBeard’s revenge shaving products ( ) , about possibly doing a product review for them.  They are a newish company in the men’s shaving product arena, and their market approach for the moment seems to focus on social media. So when I saw a tweet message go by, about them looking for a couple of blokes that would be interested in some kind of partnership, my interest peaked. I have been keeping an eye out on this company for a couple months, essentially when I first heard about… Read Article →

I started writing this post a while back, and due to time constraints, it got put on hold for a while.  This is a topic that I have been relatively vocal about in my surroundings, and finally decided to put it down on (virtual) paper. When going out to a restaurant, you look for a couple things; food, service, ambiance, etc.  Based on the restaurants, you set the proverbial “bar” at different points for each type of restaurant.  You wouldn’t expect very personalized service from a busy fast food chain, and you would expect food… Read Article →

Recently, well a couple months ago really, I started getting into more, shall we say traditional, shaving techniques.  I had been suffering for years from razor burn, razor bumps, and an overall poor shave, to the point, I dreaded shaving.  I would go a couple days without shaving on purpose, actually to be honest, I would wait until having the facial hair either irritated me, or it just looked ridiculous.  See I have the odd genetics, that leaves me with extremely dark brown hair, almost black, and very bright red facial hair. A couple weeks… Read Article →

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