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2015 year end review It’s that time of year again, well ,I’m a little late doing my annual review, as I was overworked trying to get a few things out of the way before year end, so here it is, my 2015 year end review. New Job 2015 was an eventful year for me, at least professionally speaking.  I changed jobs at the end of the summer.  There are many reasons why, but the principal reason, there was no longer a work life balance that was maintainable for me.  I prefer not to dwell on it… Read Article →

This entry is mostly just a summary or a recap if you will of a few posts ( and 2 pages of replies and comments on the Drupal site Drupal Bug Page ). If you are experiencing the following error messages on a Drupal 7 site Update failed! See the log below for more information. Your site is still in maintenance mode. token Error installing / updating File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove directory /homepages/24/d451754577/htdocs/profiles/openenterprise/modules/token/.. filefield_sources Error installing / updating File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove directory /homepages/24/d451754577/htdocs/profiles/openenterprise/modules/filefield_sources/.. ctools Error installing / updating File Transfer failed,… Read Article →

This post is going to describe the process of flashing your nexus 7 from stock android ( the google nexus 7 doesn’t come with any carrier add-on software ) What You Need : Android Platform-Tools from the Android SDK (Install Platform-Tools only… You do not want nor need the Google USB Drivers) Universal Naked ADB/Fastboot/APX Drivers for Android Team Win Recovery Project Recovery Image for Nexus 7 (Grouper) CyanogenMod 10.1 for Nexus 7 (Grouper) Google Apps (2012-12-12) for Android 4.2.x SuperSU v1.04 (Superuser has problems on 4.2) Did you like this?Tip Tim with Bitcoin Donate… Read Article →

I recently got back into doing some android development. Its been an adjustment period to say the least. One of those adjustments has been the slight differences of working on a Mac. I came across a bug today, that baffled me for a while and required some of my best “google-fu” to figure out. I ended up at this site: The problem is essentially the AVD manager can’t re-open a virtual device that was on a second monitor on a Mac. The work around is to edit the following file ~/.android/avd/.avd/emulator-user.ini   and change… Read Article →

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