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For those of you that are here regularly, you’ve probably noticed that i haven’t written much in the last couple of week, I’ve kinda been busy with other things.  I’ve got another post in the works ( describing the situation ) but i first wanted to write about my new job, and the reasons i left the last one.  Did you like this?Tip Tim with Bitcoin Donate via Installed Wallet Copy

As many of you are aware, there have been massive protests with regards to students protesting the cost of an education in Quebec. Quebec has the lowest tuitions fees in all of Canada, about 1/3 of the costs in Ontario. Let me get the simple things out of the way first. Am I for a free education, of course(with some reservations), do I approve or even support these spoilt little brats in the methods HELL NO. I think education is something that should be free, that everyone from every walk of life that are local… Read Article →

A couple days ago DZone linked to the following article. The author goes on to define a Day programmer as someone who write code for a living, being mostly incompetant at their job, just doing this for a paycheck.  He then goes on to talk about night programmers as the leads of the technological world, the people that do most of the work, the people contributing to the evolution of their trade. Every person i’ve ever met acknowledges that there is a distinction, I am no exception.  However I believe there are actually 3 categories… Read Article →

Now as anyone who has read the earlier posts to this blog, I am in the process of seeking new employment.  Part of this whole ordeal has required me to re-evaluate what direction I would like to focus my career on.  I’ve worked in Big Business, I’ve taken my stab at startups, and have had personal and professional success in both.  Each has their own interesting challenges, as well as their, lets call them not so interesting points. I’ve now had a couple interviews, well mostly with different recruiters who are looking to place people… Read Article →

For the first time in my career ( about 12 years ), I have found myself unemployed.  It wasn’t a matter of poor performance, bad management, conflicts at work. The company behind mine ( the money guy as they say ) decided that it was no longer a viable option to have a montreal office open. A little context for the situation,  I worked for a startup initiative, funded by a large French/American company.  They had decided to launch a company based in Montreal, and run it like a startup,  unfortunately, generating critical mass took… Read Article →

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