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Today we decided to take the kids out for a different kind of outing. Something that wasn’t too far, something not too expensive ( taking 2 adults and 3 kids, can get expensive ), and all in all something we don’t do very often.  We took them to La Ferme Guyon, off of highway 10, just outside Montreal.  This place is a combination of farmer’s market, artisan store, nursery ( tree not kids ), small animal farm and a butterfly aviary.  Yeah, I know that sounds like a lot, but this place is pretty big…. Read Article →

We have just survived another visit. I have the pleasure of “receiving” my father-in-law every year. I use the word visit very very loosely.  I don’t want to over generalize, but most people seem to complain about their in-laws in some way or another, they meddle too much, they try to control, etc.  Mine is quite a bit different. First, some context he lives on the other side of the planet, Hong Kong to be specific.  We only see him once a year, about 2 weeks at a time, during that time he stays at… Read Article →

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