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A couple days ago DZone linked to the following article. The author goes on to define a Day programmer as someone who write code for a living, being mostly incompetant at their job, just doing this for a paycheck.  He then goes on to talk about night programmers as the leads of the technological world, the people that do most of the work, the people contributing to the evolution of their trade. Every person i’ve ever met acknowledges that there is a distinction, I am no exception.  However I believe there are actually 3 categories… Read Article →

Layoffs are unfortunately a part of most industries, and the technology sector ( or department ) is no different, in fact we are often some of the first to be hit. The execution of the layoffs ( pun intended ) is the actual delivery of the message, both to those being laid off, as well as those being kept on.  I covered the selection process in a previous post, and will continue this series from here.  I have been using my past experience with various companies, to show examples, but again these are only my… Read Article →

The motivation behind this post is two recent series of layoffs I have been witness to.  One in my former employer’s ranks, and one in my current employer’s ranks.  These are not the first layoffs i’ve seen, I was witness back in 2000~2001 when the dot com bubble burst, and saw quite a few back then, then again recently when we shut down a start up initiative that I was part of. Layoffs are something that nobody ever wants to live through, but until you have, I believe that you can’t understand that this really… Read Article →

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