Ok, I’m not necessarily going to pick specifically on Canada Post or their union, just unions in general. Unlike most people in the IT profession, I’ve had the “pleasure” of working for a union before.  Not in IT, but during one of those character building summer jobs, in a steel mill.  During my time there I also had the “pleasure” of being part of two one day strikes.  I never did hear the details, as it really didn’t concern me, I was only a part time worker. From that experience, the experience my wife goes… Read Article →

Last week I wanted to try out some of the touted “customization abilities” and ease of development of the Android platform for developers.  Being a hacker at heart, I had to give it a shot. I wasn’t yet ready to fully throw myself into full on app development yet, mostly due to time constraints, and family commitments ( I must keep the family happy after all ).  So I just wanted to try out some stuff without spending too much time on this quest. After a little bit of googling, I landed on SL4A (… Read Article →

I am a very strong supporter of agile development, as my teams have had very strong success in the past.  I have noticed however that point estimates have become very “uncool” in the past 6 months, give or take a couple months.  The reason this seems to be happening, is that management still wants time estimates, so they have taken to converting a teams velocity and dividing by days in a sprint and voila, they have they time estimates.  So as far as management was concerned, story points were an illusion to get developers to… Read Article →

Or maybe not. Everyone of us growing up has probably heard the expression, “fighting like cats and dogs”.  Well this comes from the idea that cats can’t get along with dogs, probably due to dogs being more playful than cats. The only comment that I need to say to this, is apparently they didn’t have my dog and cat in mind when they came up with the expression.   My dog is a 6 year old mix of Great Dane, Husky and Bull Mastiff weighing in at 125lbs.  The cat is a couple months old kitten… Read Article →

I’ve been in contact recently with BlueBeard’s revenge shaving products ( http://www.bluebeards-revenge.co.uk ) , about possibly doing a product review for them.  They are a newish company in the men’s shaving product arena, and their market approach for the moment seems to focus on social media. So when I saw a tweet message go by, about them looking for a couple of blokes that would be interested in some kind of partnership, my interest peaked. I have been keeping an eye out on this company for a couple months, essentially when I first heard about… Read Article →

I’m the type of technologist that messes around with a lot of different technologies, some for fun, some to help out friends, and sometime for profit. Recently, I came across a mix of all 3. Here is the context: Private Github repository Rails application Jenkins/Hudson CI ( from here on out, i’ll call it Jenkins, as I’m more for Jenkins then hudson ) Test and display code coverage results Now I know some of these things pretty well ( the reason why I was asked to consult ), and some not so much.  I know… Read Article →

I started writing this post a while back, and due to time constraints, it got put on hold for a while.  This is a topic that I have been relatively vocal about in my surroundings, and finally decided to put it down on (virtual) paper. When going out to a restaurant, you look for a couple things; food, service, ambiance, etc.  Based on the restaurants, you set the proverbial “bar” at different points for each type of restaurant.  You wouldn’t expect very personalized service from a busy fast food chain, and you would expect food… Read Article →

For the last six months, I have been an IPhone user.  Yes, yes I know, anyone who knows me is saying “what? the Linux guy turning into an apple fanboi?”  Not quite,  the phone is a company phone.  The phone is a black IPhone 4G.  I must admit, it was a pretty cool phone.  I still had my problems with it, but overall, it was an enlightening experience that I enjoyed. First the good, this was my first experience in having a smart phone, sure I’ve used them on occasion, but never on a day… Read Article →

Now as anyone who has read the earlier posts to this blog, I am in the process of seeking new employment.  Part of this whole ordeal has required me to re-evaluate what direction I would like to focus my career on.  I’ve worked in Big Business, I’ve taken my stab at startups, and have had personal and professional success in both.  Each has their own interesting challenges, as well as their, lets call them not so interesting points. I’ve now had a couple interviews, well mostly with different recruiters who are looking to place people… Read Article →

We have just survived another visit. I have the pleasure of “receiving” my father-in-law every year. I use the word visit very very loosely.  I don’t want to over generalize, but most people seem to complain about their in-laws in some way or another, they meddle too much, they try to control, etc.  Mine is quite a bit different. First, some context he lives on the other side of the planet, Hong Kong to be specific.  We only see him once a year, about 2 weeks at a time, during that time he stays at… Read Article →

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