This is the first of my product reviews for Real Shaving Company’s product line that was sent to me by their PR division.  One of the very attractive selling points to me is the availability of this product.  It is priced right and locally available to me.  I love shopping online as much as the next guy, but what I don’t like is running out of something, and then having to wait 2 weeks to get a replacement for it, I am after only human, with the attention span of an adult caring for three… Read Article →

This is the follow up to the post is wrote about 2 months ago when I first received my tub of bluebeard’s revenge shaving cream. The reason for waiting so long was to give it a proper run through, and to properly test their beard reduction claim. They claim that after prolonged ( 30 to 60 days ) of continuous usage of their Bluebeard’s revenge shaving cream you will see a noticeable reduction in density, coarseness and length of your beard follicles. I am a every other day shaver, more that I can tolerate it… Read Article →

About 2 weeks ago Real Shaving company ( @realshavingUK @realshavingUS ) sent out a request for bloggers willing to test out and then write about their products.  This seems to be a trending theme  for companies trying to reduce their marketing costs and get their brands known around social media(maybe more on that subject later). I volunterred since i’ve seen these products around ( they are available at our local version of shopper’s drugmart’s, Pharmaprix ) in Montreal, and i’ve been looking at them for a while wanting to try them, the prices are really… Read Article →

I’ve been working on a couple android apps for the past couple weeks, and have gone through some of the “new platform” growing pains.  Not that Android is the problem, just the changing from a platform/framework that I am familiar with, to something new and exciting.  This post won’t cover how to use a database, however I may get around to writing one as i get more experience with it.  This post will cover more specifically how to create/update SQLite databases on the android platform. Most examples (in fact ALL the examples I could find… Read Article →

I took some time over the last few days to reshuffle/restructure some of the tags and categories on this site.  I’ve been doing more product reviews lately, and those have found themselves in a very generic category, while they are precise in nature. I hope this new structure will help my readers get the information that they want. Posts about men’s grooming topics, including but not limited to product reviews now have their own category called, you guessed it “Grooming”.  If this is the only subject you are interested in, you can now filter out… Read Article →

I am proud to call myself a Canadian, and proud to be from Montreal ( but don’t tell anyone. ).  In the past couple of years, we have seen our proud and wonderful city begin to fall into ruin.  From overpasses falling down on the highway, to trains falling over on bridges to bridges being considered unsafe to drive on, to potholes the size of a VW beetle, how can we hope to attract tourists ( which means revenue ), respect and prestige that was once common place with Montreal. People would come from all… Read Article →

Most, if not all of you at some point have received your fair share of spam, and i don’t mean the meat.  Now spam comes in multiple formats and delivery methods.  You’ve got your get cheap drugs spam, dietary supplement spam, pornographic spam, the “enlarge/increase ….” spam.  Something for everyone. With the popularity of social media, spammers have just multiplied their medium.  I normally completely ignore it, but this past week, i happen to reply to a friend over twitter regarding IPhone and Google + topic.  I happened to mention the word IPhone in my tweet,… Read Article →

In the past couple of months my interaction with recruiters, placement agencies, head hunters and just other IT folks has increased as I have been looking for a new job, new contracts, new potential clients.  Having a relatively strong background in Java ( 10 years of having seen everything from distributed services via RMI, low level threading & sockets, web interfaces, JDBC, EJB, Servlet Containers, Application Servers ) I sometimes get frustrated with the question “Do you have any experience with J2EE?”, because it is such a vague question there is no correct or complete… Read Article →

BlueBeards revenge shaving cream

This is a follow up to a post from a couple weeks back regarding a product review for BlueBeard’s Revenge.  We my parcel arrived this week ( thanks to the long delays in the Canadian’s postal system due to the strike and subsequent lockout, topic of a previous post as well ). So far I have used it twice,  each with a different brush.  The first one was with the Doubloon brush that they so kindly sent to me as well ( thanks again ), the second, my goto brush, a pure badger Vulvix brush…. Read Article →

This is the story of my dad, well some parts anyways.  Becoming a dad myself, I’ve come to realize a few things and wanted to thank my dad. He died four years ago this past week-end, and I always find it difficult during the days around the anniversary of his death. My dad died from a stroke at the age of 63.  He never took very good care of his health ( smoking, drinking, bad eating habits, etc ), and his death, although earlier, wasn’t a complete shocker.  He’d had health problems for the past… Read Article →

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