Drupal modules failing to update on PHP 5.4

This entry is mostly just a summary or a recap if you will of a few posts ( and 2 pages of replies and comments on the Drupal site Drupal Bug Page ).

If you are experiencing the following error messages on a Drupal 7 site

Update failed! See the log below for more information. Your site is still in maintenance mode.
Error installing / updating
 File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove directory /homepages/24/d451754577/htdocs/profiles/openenterprise/modules/token/..
Error installing / updating
 File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove directory /homepages/24/d451754577/htdocs/profiles/openenterprise/modules/filefield_sources/..
Error installing / updating
 File Transfer failed, reason: Cannot remove directory /homepages/24/d451754577/htdocs/profiles/openenterprise/modules/ctools/..

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Flashing a Google Nexus 7

This post is going to describe the process of flashing your nexus 7 from stock android ( the google nexus 7 doesn’t come with any carrier add-on software )

What You Need :

  • Android Platform-Tools from the Android SDK (Install Platform-Tools only… You do not want nor need the Google USB Drivers)
  • Universal Naked ADB/Fastboot/APX Drivers for Android
  • Team Win Recovery Project Recovery Image for Nexus 7 (Grouper)
  • CyanogenMod 10.1 for Nexus 7 (Grouper)
  • Google Apps (2012-12-12) for Android 4.2.x
  • SuperSU v1.04 (Superuser has problems on 4.2)

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AVD Emulator crashes on MAC ( emulator64-arm quit unexpectedly )

I recently got back into doing some android development. Its been an adjustment period to say the least. One of those adjustments has been the slight differences of working on a Mac. I came across a bug today, that baffled me for a while and required some of my best “google-fu” to figure out.

I ended up at this site: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=38371

The problem is essentially the AVD manager can’t re-open a virtual device that was on a second monitor on a Mac. The work around is to edit the following file



and change the


That’s it.  It’s an ugly hack, but it works for now.  According to the bug report it should be fixed with the next release of the android developer tools. ( http://developer.android.com )

Google’s Panda update

An interesting article came through my news feeds today, something that I’ve been too busy to really notice. This isn’t something new, just an update to a platform google released about 18 months ago now, but I’ve not even noticed. It’s called Google Panda. You think I am trying to be funny, or joke around, but this is a serious project, aimed at improving google’s search results for everyone. It was named by the engineer that initially worked on it, and it is a query filter.

Google Panda, was initially released on February 24th 2011, in an effort to improve the quality of search results by removing “thin” content. There are companies out there, that will generate content ( for a price ) that matches certain keywords, to increase your site’s traffic.

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Rouge Boeuf : A humble review

Rouge Boeuf Restaurant Logo
On August 25th, my wife and I decided to try a new restaurant for our date night.  We typically go to the same restaurants, and felt like we wanted something new.

There is a new Rouge Boeuf that opened near our house a couple months ago, and it is usually pretty packed ( typical sign of a good restaurant, lots of people want to go ).  One of the reasons we opted for this restaurant, was the “bring your own wine”.  We typically have some decent bottles of wine at home, and getting wine at restaurants around here, are always at a 200% markup ( meaning, a 20$ of wine is sold for 40$, a 30$ bottle, 60$, etc ).

Our opinion going in was that this was a pretty upscale place, with good steak and seafood from people we know who had eaten there in the past.  Images from the web, and their site ( always makes things nicer than they really are ) looked nice.  In fact, this is what we saw.

Now onto our actual experience.
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Gas prices in Quebec

This is probably just another rant, one of thousands around about gas prices, and how outrageous they are, if that is what you guessed, then you are right, but there is a twist.  Last weekend, we went on a quick road trip to Ottawa ( from Montreal ) to visit some family.  That isn’t the purpose of this story, but what I wanted to flag down was the price difference of gas between there and here.

The price when we filled up in Ottawa on Friday evening was 1.229$/liter in Ottawa, and 1.329$/Liter in Montreal.  This is comparing suburb to suburb, and both the same company ( Esso in this particular case ).  Why are gas prices so much more expensive in Montreal?
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La ferme Guyon

Today we decided to take the kids out for a different kind of outing. Something that wasn’t too far, something not too expensive ( taking 2 adults and 3 kids, can get expensive ), and all in all something we don’t do very often.  We took them to La Ferme Guyon, off of highway 10, just outside Montreal.  This place is a combination of farmer’s market, artisan store, nursery ( tree not kids ), small animal farm and a butterfly aviary.  Yeah, I know that sounds like a lot, but this place is pretty big.

La ferme Guyon
Picture of la Ferme Guyon

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Streaming m4v from a DLink-321 NAS

I made a simple but effective ( for me ) discovery this week-end.  I’d been ripping some of my DVD’s with Handbrake ( so that i can put the physical DVD in storage, and clear some room ), and was uploading the m4v ( default settings in Handbrake ) to my DLink NAS ( model 321 ).

Unfortunately, the only way i could see the movies, was via a samba share.  The TV couldn’t see the movies (but had no problem seeing the NAS ).

The solution is simple, rename the m4v file extensions to mp4.

It’s that simple. Hope this helps someone else.

New Job

For those of you that are here regularly, you’ve probably noticed that i haven’t written much in the last couple of week, I’ve kinda been busy with other things.  I’ve got another post in the works ( describing the situation ) but i first wanted to write about my new job, and the reasons i left the last one. 
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Aquarium Reboot

Well, i don’t know how to start this, so i’ll just dive right in.  I’ve been an aquarium entheusiast most of my life.  i’ve always loved the peaceful tranquility that an aquarium brings to whatever room its in.  My dream for the longest time was to have a aquarium wall ( an aquarium the width,not height, of a wall, that you could look through into the next room).  Being a home owner, and knowing that that actually entails, i’ve re-adjusted my dream ( at least until i become a multi-billionaire, and can build the house around said aquarium.

We have had an aquarium going in our place of residence ( i saw that instead of house, as i’ve moved twice since i started having aquariums, 2 appartments now my house ) for a little over 10 years.  In that time, we’ve had at one time or another a 10 gallon, 25 gallon, a 77 gallon ( current, and main tank ), and one of those kritter containers ( betta show bowls, that also houses Aquatic frogs ).

Aquarium at the beginning of the reset

Which brings me to this post.  Since we have had kids, we haven’t spent nearly enough time caring for the tank as we should have, but kept it going.  It was on life support, but the fish kept on going, some would die of old age, and were not replaced.  About a month ago, discussing with my wife, we agreed, that since the boys were getting older and more independant we had more time to get back to caring for the tank.  Maintenance isn’t that bad ( the larger the tank the easier the maintenance ), and is about 30 minutes every other week, and maybe an addition 30 minutes once a month to clean the fitler.  Feeding isn’t an issue, as i do it when i feed my dog and takes but a second or two. Our filter was(i don’t know if it still is) top of the line, to avoid potential maintenance problems.

So it is with this mindset that we did a massive cleaning 4 weeks ago,  filter, 50% water change, the works.  The filter was disgusting, but being so understocked, the effect on the fish was relatively negligeable.  The inhabitants at that time were 2 clown loaches, 1 female Kribensis, 2 bristlenose pleco’s and 1 cherry barb.  That few fish in a 77 gallon tank that’s 4′ long, might as well call it empty.  3 weeks ago, we went out and started looking for new inhabitants, we were debating what to add, as we didn’t know what direction we wanted to go.  We settled on adding 3 tiny ( these things are ridiculously small compared to our other 2 ) clown loaches and a half dozen Congo Tetra’s, a fish we’ve had before and really appreciated for the colours, size and overall behavior ( swim in a pack, move alot around the tank, not very aggressive towards other fish ).  Fast forward 2 weeks, another water change, all inhabitants seem to be getting along, and what a difference having more fish in the tank makes.  Today my wife added another half dozen congo tetra’s, bringing out total to 12 congo’s.  We are now looking for another schooling fish to add, that has a different colour palette, to contrast the colours in the tank.