November 30, 2011

Starting a new job

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Everyone has been there at some point or another, and i am no exception. This week i started a new job, and like all jobs, it will probably prove to have its ups and its downs. For the moment, i am facing most of the downs that i will encounter ( they were not unknown walking in ) so I’m not surprised about it. The downs that i was mentioning, is this company isn’t very “social media” friendly, so my presence on Twitter will probably be greatly reduced, as contributing isn’t always as easy on a smart phone. I wasn’t on FaceBook much before, but my presence will probably reduced. There are also some weird other things, like blocking access to GMail, but that i guess can be passed as security ( controlling what emails enter/leave the company network ).

But its not all bad things, there are a lot of good things about this company, compensation is very interesting, opportunities for growth and learning are pretty incredible as well. Since it is a large company, they have the benefit of having a large employee base to move people around, and have a varied experts pool.

I will not be mentioning the company or any of the internal workings, just to avoid any potential problems.

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