Ramping up for a great 2016

Happy New Year, it’s 2016

As I do every year, after doing my year in review I tend to put my goals my goals and objectives for the coming year, so 2016 should not be an exception.  I do this for multiple reasons, to take a few moments and think through what I would like to achieve, complete or begin in the coming year.  It also forces me to to put down some concrete objectives, and make a plan to go through with it.



I have a few goals for my professional career for 2016, both for the company I work for, as well as my start-up initiative Bushido Dojo Software.

My goals for 2016, for my current job, including instituting some new practices; help put in place some new training and knowledge sharing practices to bring some new ideas and solutions to a strong and competent team, that just hasn’t yet been exposed to them.

For my startup, my goals are slightly more lofty and begin with signing ten more clients, an aggressive, yet possible achievement.  Each client signed, Continue reading “Ramping up for a great 2016”

2015 Year end review

2015 end of year image
2015 year end review

2015 year end review

It’s that time of year again, well ,I’m a little late doing my annual review, as I was overworked trying to get a few things out of the way before year end, so here it is, my 2015 year end review.

New Job

2015 was an eventful year for me, at least professionally speaking.  I changed jobs at the end of the summer.  There are many reasons why, but the principal reason, there was no longer a work life balance that was maintainable for me.  I prefer not to dwell on it and instead focus on the choices I made, and the changes associated to them.  I joined a Montreal tech firm, that sits halfway between a true “agency” type of job, and a software development shop.   Continue reading “2015 Year end review”

My goals for 2015

My Goals for 2015

Happy new year everyone, may 2015 bring you joy, happiness, health, love and success.  I choose the word success as opposed to prosperity, because success implies having a goal, and working to achieve it, where as prosperity can just happen for a lucky few.

As most do, I spent some time reflecting on 2014 yesterday, and realized I had a pretty good year, nothing to truly complain about, but it also had some shortcomings.  Stuff that I don’t feel like I achieved, yet were well within the realm of possibilities.

This year, my resolutions, will all have something in common, an accountability factor.  If I don’t achieve my goals, it will be because I didn’t work hard enough on them, or I didn’t make time for them.  Nothing is out of reach, nothing is impossible, and the important one, nothing relies on anything but me and my effort towards them. Continue reading “My goals for 2015”

2014, year in review

2014, year in review

Happy New Year everyone. It is again that time of the year, when we look back on our accomplishments, failures, dreams and hopes. site down check Well this is my 2014, year in review.

This time last year, I had a certain set of goals, and things that I hoped to achieve in 2014. I wanted 2014 to be a year that included some firsts, and some changes. If nothing else, 2014 taught me a lot about myself, both good and bad.

First lets recap some of the goals I had set for myself

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The Open Office Layout

The Open Office Layout

I have over the past couple of years had the privilege of working with some wonderful companies.  I like to think myself a lucky person as each and every one of those companies had decidedly different views and approaches to taking care of its employees.  I came across this article on the New Yorker, and it make me stop and think about my experiences.  I decided that I would share those here, and my options about them.
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2013 in review

2013 in review: taking a moment

Well its the new year, so Happy New Year everyone.

I try to do this every year, not always on this blog, but at least in general to review how things went in the previous year, what happens and such.

Social/community involvement

This past year has seen a few milestones, I changed companies, leaving a fantastic organisation that was SidLee Technologies, and joined a new startup with some old friends.  I will write in the coming months about the startup, but this isn’t the time for it.
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Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom

I was lucky enough to have a wise uncle who taught me a whole bunch of interesting and useful things, ranging from picking up women to choosing what’s important to you, and giving those things the attention and effort they require. Perhaps some of those things will appear as entries at a later time.

One of the most important words of wisdom I learned from such a great man, is that there are 3 things in life, you should always spend good money on, they are the 3 things between you and the ground, and they will have a major impact on the quality of your life, if not the longevity of your life.
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Rouge Boeuf : A humble review

Rouge Boeuf Restaurant Logo
On August 25th, my wife and I decided to try a new restaurant for our date night.  We typically go to the same restaurants, and felt like we wanted something new.

There is a new Rouge Boeuf that opened near our house a couple months ago, and it is usually pretty packed ( typical sign of a good restaurant, lots of people want to go ).  One of the reasons we opted for this restaurant, was the “bring your own wine”.  We typically have some decent bottles of wine at home, and getting wine at restaurants around here, are always at a 200% markup ( meaning, a 20$ of wine is sold for 40$, a 30$ bottle, 60$, etc ).

Our opinion going in was that this was a pretty upscale place, with good steak and seafood from people we know who had eaten there in the past.  Images from the web, and their site ( always makes things nicer than they really are ) looked nice.  In fact, this is what we saw.

Now onto our actual experience.
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New Job

For those of you that are here regularly, you’ve probably noticed that i haven’t written much in the last couple of week, I’ve kinda been busy with other things.  I’ve got another post in the works ( describing the situation ) but i first wanted to write about my new job, and the reasons i left the last one. 
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Aquarium Reboot

Well, i don’t know how to start this, so i’ll just dive right in.  I’ve been an aquarium entheusiast most of my life.  i’ve always loved the peaceful tranquility that an aquarium brings to whatever room its in.  My dream for the longest time was to have a aquarium wall ( an aquarium the width,not height, of a wall, that you could look through into the next room).  Being a home owner, and knowing that that actually entails, i’ve re-adjusted my dream ( at least until i become a multi-billionaire, and can build the house around said aquarium.

We have had an aquarium going in our place of residence ( i saw that instead of house, as i’ve moved twice since i started having aquariums, 2 appartments now my house ) for a little over 10 years.  In that time, we’ve had at one time or another a 10 gallon, 25 gallon, a 77 gallon ( current, and main tank ), and one of those kritter containers ( betta show bowls, that also houses Aquatic frogs ).

Aquarium at the beginning of the reset

Which brings me to this post.  Since we have had kids, we haven’t spent nearly enough time caring for the tank as we should have, but kept it going.  It was on life support, but the fish kept on going, some would die of old age, and were not replaced.  About a month ago, discussing with my wife, we agreed, that since the boys were getting older and more independant we had more time to get back to caring for the tank.  Maintenance isn’t that bad ( the larger the tank the easier the maintenance ), and is about 30 minutes every other week, and maybe an addition 30 minutes once a month to clean the fitler.  Feeding isn’t an issue, as i do it when i feed my dog and takes but a second or two. Our filter was(i don’t know if it still is) top of the line, to avoid potential maintenance problems.

So it is with this mindset that we did a massive cleaning 4 weeks ago,  filter, 50% water change, the works.  The filter was disgusting, but being so understocked, the effect on the fish was relatively negligeable.  The inhabitants at that time were 2 clown loaches, 1 female Kribensis, 2 bristlenose pleco’s and 1 cherry barb.  That few fish in a 77 gallon tank that’s 4′ long, might as well call it empty.  3 weeks ago, we went out and started looking for new inhabitants, we were debating what to add, as we didn’t know what direction we wanted to go.  We settled on adding 3 tiny ( these things are ridiculously small compared to our other 2 ) clown loaches and a half dozen Congo Tetra’s, a fish we’ve had before and really appreciated for the colours, size and overall behavior ( swim in a pack, move alot around the tank, not very aggressive towards other fish ).  Fast forward 2 weeks, another water change, all inhabitants seem to be getting along, and what a difference having more fish in the tank makes.  Today my wife added another half dozen congo tetra’s, bringing out total to 12 congo’s.  We are now looking for another schooling fish to add, that has a different colour palette, to contrast the colours in the tank.