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As many of you are aware, there have been massive protests with regards to students protesting the cost of an education in Quebec. Quebec has the lowest tuitions fees in all of Canada, about 1/3 of the costs in Ontario. Let me get the simple things out of the way first. Am I for a free education, of course(with some reservations), do I approve or even support these spoilt little brats in the methods HELL NO. I think education is something that should be free, that everyone from every walk of life that are local… Read Article →

I’ve been interviewing a bunch of candidates lately ( we are hiring ) for a senior java developer’s position, and i’ve come to realize how far from the basics numerous people have become.  You ask them about some ajax feature, or new app on facebook, etc, they jump at the chance to talk about this, talk about that.  Ask them about some basic concepts, and other than textbook definitions, they can’t explain it. The source of frustration for this post, is from an interview i had a couple weeks ago.  I asked the developer, who… Read Article →

A couple days ago DZone linked to the following article. The author goes on to define a Day programmer as someone who write code for a living, being mostly incompetant at their job, just doing this for a paycheck.  He then goes on to talk about night programmers as the leads of the technological world, the people that do most of the work, the people contributing to the evolution of their trade. Every person i’ve ever met acknowledges that there is a distinction, I am no exception.  However I believe there are actually 3 categories… Read Article →

I’ve seen some pretty creative ones over the years, mostly online manuals, but this one has to take the cake.  When I saw this, I couldn’t resist sharing it. The idea of having a step by step guide, available to new users, users who have never had a smart phone.   Take a look for yourselves. Did you like this?Tip Tim with Bitcoin Donate via Installed Wallet Copy

Can one exist without the other?  It seems that all levels of government are subject to this.  I will refrain from mentioning other countries, as my own has its fair share of problems and scandals. This morning, the news announced that the mayor of my humble little town is being investigated by the UPAC ( unité permanente d’anti-corruption, the anti-corruption squad), and that search warrants were being distributed to several interesting parties. Here is a little backstory In 2007, Quebec Superior Court removed Pepin and a slate of municipal councillors from office, for exceeding limits… Read Article →

Well as some of you know I flew into New York city for business this week.  After hearing all the scares, the restrictions, the guidelines and what not to do, what not to say, I can’t say I was concerned, but i would say i “prepared” myself for the whole “song and dance”.  As i’m going through check-in, customs, and so on, it was the anti-climax.  I walk up, am asked to stand on a pad, and told to follow the arrow ( for context, this is a random selection process to see who gets… Read Article →

Last night was my first night in New York City, well since the last time I was here 6 years ago.  One thing that i had forgotten ( or maybe suppressed ) was the noise at night.  By choice, I bought my house in the suburbs of Montreal.  Close enough for travelling to and from work, but also far enough that at night, its quiet.  If/when i get up during the night, the only noises i hear, at my family breathing ( yes i have sensitive ears ), the air systems gentle hum, and maybe… Read Article →

Being Canadian, I have no senator, governor or anyone else to write to about stopping PIPA/SOPA.  All I have is my lonely blog and my free speech, so this is me showing my support.  SOPA/PIPA can and most likely mean the end for several of the “open” communities that we use around the web, including reddit.  What could be harmful about reddit you ask, it would appear the US government has issue with us the people having control over what is put up on the internet.  This is typical to what the US government believes,… Read Article →

Layoffs are unfortunately a part of most industries, and the technology sector ( or department ) is no different, in fact we are often some of the first to be hit. The execution of the layoffs ( pun intended ) is the actual delivery of the message, both to those being laid off, as well as those being kept on.  I covered the selection process in a previous post, and will continue this series from here.  I have been using my past experience with various companies, to show examples, but again these are only my… Read Article →

The motivation behind this post is two recent series of layoffs I have been witness to.  One in my former employer’s ranks, and one in my current employer’s ranks.  These are not the first layoffs i’ve seen, I was witness back in 2000~2001 when the dot com bubble burst, and saw quite a few back then, then again recently when we shut down a start up initiative that I was part of. Layoffs are something that nobody ever wants to live through, but until you have, I believe that you can’t understand that this really… Read Article →

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