Ramping up for a great 2016

Happy New Year, it’s 2016

As I do every year, after doing my year in review I tend to put my goals my goals and objectives for the coming year, so 2016 should not be an exception.  I do this for multiple reasons, to take a few moments and think through what I would like to achieve, complete or begin in the coming year.  It also forces me to to put down some concrete objectives, and make a plan to go through with it.



I have a few goals for my professional career for 2016, both for the company I work for, as well as my start-up initiative Bushido Dojo Software.

My goals for 2016, for my current job, including instituting some new practices; help put in place some new training and knowledge sharing practices to bring some new ideas and solutions to a strong and competent team, that just hasn’t yet been exposed to them.

For my startup, my goals are slightly more lofty and begin with signing ten more clients, an aggressive, yet possible achievement.  Each client signed, Continue reading “Ramping up for a great 2016”

2015 Year end review

2015 end of year image
2015 year end review

2015 year end review

It’s that time of year again, well ,I’m a little late doing my annual review, as I was overworked trying to get a few things out of the way before year end, so here it is, my 2015 year end review.

New Job

2015 was an eventful year for me, at least professionally speaking.  I changed jobs at the end of the summer.  There are many reasons why, but the principal reason, there was no longer a work life balance that was maintainable for me.  I prefer not to dwell on it and instead focus on the choices I made, and the changes associated to them.  I joined a Montreal tech firm, that sits halfway between a true “agency” type of job, and a software development shop.   Continue reading “2015 Year end review”