Flashing a Google Nexus 7

This post is going to describe the process of flashing your nexus 7 from stock android ( the google nexus 7 doesn’t come with any carrier add-on software )

What You Need :

  • Android Platform-Tools from the Android SDK (Install Platform-Tools only… You do not want nor need the Google USB Drivers)
  • Universal Naked ADB/Fastboot/APX Drivers for Android
  • Team Win Recovery Project Recovery Image for Nexus 7 (Grouper)
  • CyanogenMod 10.1 for Nexus 7 (Grouper)
  • Google Apps (2012-12-12) for Android 4.2.x
  • SuperSU v1.04 (Superuser has problems on 4.2)

Install (on your PC) :

  • Install Platform-Tools
  • Install universal drivers

On your device

  • boot into the boot menu ( hold the volume down button when pressing the power to turn on )

On your computer, execute the following commands:

  • fastboot oem unlock
  • Reboot Device Normally
  • Reboot into Fastboot
  • fastboot flash recovery /path/to/recovery.img
  • fastboot reboot-bootloader
  • Use arrow keys and boot to recovery
  • adb push /local/path/to/cm10.1.zip /sdcard/cm10.1.zip
  • adb push /local/path/to/gapps.zip /sdcard/gapps.zip
  • adb push /local/path/to/ExchangeNoPIN.zip /sdcard/ExchangeNoPin.zip
  • adb push /local/path/to/SuperSU.zip /sdcard/SuperSU.zip
  • Wipe > Factory Reset
  • Install Zip
    1. Cm10.1.zip
    2. Gapps.zip
    3. SuperSU.zip
  • Wipe Cache/Dalvik (new OS)
  • Reboot
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