AVD Emulator crashes on MAC ( emulator64-arm quit unexpectedly )

I recently got back into doing some android development. Its been an adjustment period to say the least. One of those adjustments has been the slight differences of working on a Mac. I came across a bug today, that baffled me for a while and required some of my best “google-fu” to figure out.

I ended up at this site: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=38371

The problem is essentially the AVD manager can’t re-open a virtual device that was on a second monitor on a Mac. The work around is to edit the following file



and change the


That’s it.  It’s an ugly hack, but it works for now.  According to the bug report it should be fixed with the next release of the android developer tools. ( http://developer.android.com )

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Tim Voet has been in the IT industry since 1997. Tim started his career doing tech support and network administration at a large Pharma company. He then spent the next 12 years doing development, leading and managing development teams, mostly in Java, but also some PHP, and Ruby on Rails. Tim has always hands on, and loves challenges that make most people cringe. When he isn't at work, he's spending as much time as he can with his wife and 3 boys. Life can be a busy time with that many young kids. He is currently open to new consulting opportunities, please feel free to contact him with your project information tim - at - timvoet dot com


  1. Thanks ! you saved my day

  2. Thanks for this – the emulator was still crashing for me – I have TWO secondary monitors, and the Y position was a negative number. Was still crashing after setting window.x = 0.

    So, I also had to set window.y = 0 and everything is fine again.

  3. Thank you!! I guess there are still some issues to work out with doing Android development on a Mac…

  4. That did the trick – thanks so much buddy!

  5. Thank you! It perfectly works for me

  6. Worked like a charm, thanks for posting.

  7. Thanks! Over a year later and it still doesn’t look like it’s fixed. But your solution worked!

  8. I didn’t edit the .ini file but this post lead me to believe that I can just unplug my second monitor…it worked!

    Thank you very much!

  9. Thanks – great help!

  10. Thanks for this. Was easy to find so I didn’t bang my head against it for more than a couple of minutes.

  11. Thank You!!!

  12. Thank your fix worded! This is typical Google ignoring issues like this for months.

  13. Thanks for the post.
    Just an update on this,
    It still has not been fixed.
    The structure has changed and all the emulator-user.ini is now within the .avd file in the same directory you described.

    Thanks for the time saver!

  14. Very unexpected bug! Thank you for sharing…

  15. Thanks so much. Very helpful after a monitor quit on me.

  16. Thanks. Working.

  17. Great! Had the same problem. Now it works fine

  18. Thank you! … I’ve been struggling with this … it works !

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