Rouge Boeuf : A humble review

Rouge Boeuf Restaurant Logo
On August 25th, my wife and I decided to try a new restaurant for our date night.  We typically go to the same restaurants, and felt like we wanted something new.

There is a new Rouge Boeuf that opened near our house a couple months ago, and it is usually pretty packed ( typical sign of a good restaurant, lots of people want to go ).  One of the reasons we opted for this restaurant, was the “bring your own wine”.  We typically have some decent bottles of wine at home, and getting wine at restaurants around here, are always at a 200% markup ( meaning, a 20$ of wine is sold for 40$, a 30$ bottle, 60$, etc ).

Our opinion going in was that this was a pretty upscale place, with good steak and seafood from people we know who had eaten there in the past.  Images from the web, and their site ( always makes things nicer than they really are ) looked nice.  In fact, this is what we saw.

Now onto our actual experience.
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